Venuti’s Retranslations

Venuti discusses the evident appearance of the passage of time that is developed throughout the creation of retranslations. As the language progresses and society enters new eras of thinking, new interpretations are developed that often appear vastly foreign when compared to the source text. In addition, the translator constructs his or her rendition with the implementation of cultural norms and values that are present in the society for which the new piece has been formed. Robert Alter is a firm advocate for the belief that classical works should have the essence of their old-nature preserved in the creation of the new text. Are retranslations and the incorporation of modern concepts truly beneficial to the reader, or should one side with Alter that culture and time should not play a role in the new version? Furthermore, should we as learners attempt to understand texts in the context from which they originated, or is this too impossible of a task to impose on society?