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A Versioning Machine:  Juxta?

Juxta is a tool that allows you to compare and collate versions of the same textual work.

What is Juxta Commons? Juxta Commons is an online space powered by the Juxta Web Service that lets you collate sets and share visualizations with your peers.

Juxta is a great tool that allows you to show how re-translations change the ST and also the TTs.  Use in conjunction with discussions of Berman Deforming Tendencies of Translation

Distant Reading

Use these tools to look at lexical differences in ST and TT


Annotation Studio
Annotation Studio is a suite of collaborative web-based annotation tools currently under development at MIT.

Read — Engage and reflect more critically upon texts instead of passively reading them.

Annotate — Bring the millennia old humanistic tradition of annotation into contemporary electronic media in the classroom.

Share — Create discussion groups for your classes and control the size and publicness of those groups.

Compose — Support the entire writing process, from initial reading to brainstorming,…


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