Course Outline

Course Objectives
This seminar focuses on the field of Translation Studies, an area of study that has grown out of the more traditional field of translation theory. While translation theory is based primarily in literary theory, philosophy, rhetoric and grammar, the new field of translation studies broadens the focus of inquiry to include both linguistics and cultural theory.

The course will introduce students to the history and practice of translation, investigate the development of different translation theories and their implementation in the building of national languages, in the formation of political states, the growth of institutions, the establishment of intellectual traditions, and raise the question of the possibility of the transfer of meaning. The course also uses methods from the field of Digital Humanities to aid in answering these questions.

Texts will be selected from a variety of cultural traditions and historical periods. Issues of gender, race, and class background will also punctuate the theoretical arguments.

Access Statement

Any student who may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss the specific needs. Please contact Heather Fowler, Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources at 570-577-1188 or who will help coordinate reasonable accommodations for those students with documented disabilities.

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