Week 9 — 10/25/16

Tuesday 10/25/16

Update on Versioning Machine projects.

What do they tell us about the act of adaptation and its relation to translation?

Distribution of second presentation dates

World Literature and Translation–discussion of Damrosch

  • Read the materials posted  from the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation. What is your understanding of local and global adaptation? To what extent do the forms of adaptation reflect Berman’s deforming tendencies?

Thursday 10/27/16

Faull at conference

  • Watch “Adaptation” which is available on our CROSS-K2-FA2016 Moodle site
  • Identify the ST and TT in the film? How are they related? How can we also think about A/adaptation in terms of a code that implies a partnership between humans and intelligent machines, or in this case medium, in which the practices of each can penetrate and influence the other?
  • Consider your own choice of adaptation. Find a book /play /movie /advertisement that exemplifies the act of adaptation. Be ready to discuss on Tuesday.

For next week, read Leo Tak-hung Chan. “Colonization, Resistance, and the Uses of Postcolonial Theory in 20th century China” and Gayatri Spivak, “The Politics of Translation” in Venuti, pp. 312-330


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