Course Calendar

Week 0

Introduction and Word Press set up

Week 1


Week 2

History and Hermeneutics of Translation (Steiner) (Steve-Tuesday) (?)

Week 3

Schleiermacher and the Notion of the Foreign  (Qijing) (Tyler)

Week 4

Antoine Berman and the Deforming Tendencies of Translation (Caroline-Tuesday)  (Becky -Thursday)

Week 5

Jakobson and Derrida on Translation (Sophie–Jakobson) (Mike-Derrida)

Week 6

Translating Religion-The Bible; the Koran; and Untranslatability (Laura and Chi)

Week 7

Translating the Classics

Week 8

Translation, Pure Language and the After Life of the Text

Week 9

Translation and Adaptation

Week 10

World Literature and the Post-Colonial (Becky)

Week 11

World Literature and Translatability (Caroline and Qijing)

Week 12

Translation and Psychoanalysis (Sophie and Steve)

Week 13

Translation and Feminism (Tyler and Mike)

Week 14

Final discussions



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