Second Research Paper

Second Paper—Translation Studies

For your second writing assignment you have a choice:

  • You may develop a critical thesis based on the topics we have covered since your last paper. Your paper could then focus, for example, on translation in the digital age; feminism and translation; post-colonialism and translation; adaptation (if you have not written on this before); psychoanalysis and translation; translation and “minor” languages.
    •  Your paper should have a thesis, an argument, evidence for your argument and a conclusion. If you want to refer to other scholars who have worked on this topic, please do.


  • You can develop a digital translation portfolio.
    1. Using the digital interface Versioning Machine, you will encode a source text and at least one target text using XML compliant TEI.  This will allow you to present ST and TT in the form of parallel columns on the same page.
    2. Number the lines of the ST and TT, so that you may refer to the line number in your critical apparatus.
    3. In the introduction to your translation, you must provide the intellectual context for the work in its SL, the relevance of the text in its SL and TL, reasons why you should encode the ST and TT(s), and evaluate the translated TTs .
    4. You should use the “Notes” feature of Versioning Machine to elaborate on significant features of the movement of meaning from the ST to the TT.

Please schedule an appointment with me to discuss your first draft. As this is a W2 course, peer review and multiple drafts are expected parts of the process of writing.

First draft due: Monday, November 28, 11pm

Final draft due: Monday, December 12, 2.45pm

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