First Research Paper

First Paper– Translation Studies

  • First draft is due 10/2 midnight
  • Final draft is due 10/16 midnight
  •  8-10 double spaced pages in MLA 8th edition style. Citations should follow the author-page style.
  •  Please also supply a works cited page. (Useful MLA Lab can be found here:
  •  In this paper, you will develop a thesis on a particular problem in the materials we have studied and discussed to date. You may bring in subject matter from outside the course, but the theoretical texts should be from this class. I would also encourage you to think about integrating the tools we have used in DH into your work. For example, if you are interested in the ethics of translation and domestication vs. foreignization, you could use techniques of distant reading to show stylistic differences.  Maybe you would like the investigate the issue of authorship in translation, in which case you might want to bring in Schleiermacher. You may base your paper on the work you did for your first presentation.
  • Your paper should have a thesis, an argument, evidence for your argument and a conclusion. If you want to refer to other scholars who have worked on this topic, please do.
  • Please schedule an appointment with me to discuss your first draft. As this is a W2 course, peer review and multiple drafts are expected parts of the process of writing.

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