“Let me reach you for a moment so you can hear who am I “

The presentation started with a nice speech about the main hero of the day – Angèle Kingué. ” I can keep talking about Angèle’s archivements, awards, but I want you to listen her own voice…” And she started the presentation…the Bucknell Hall was filled with her low voice reading in French…For me it created a very strong atmosphere of the book till the end of the French part. It’s known that the author can’t read his own work, but here Kingué breaks the ice. The French part was the best cause she let us feel the spirit of the book, the heart of her heroes. I truly believe that you should read the book in a target cause only in that case you will have the whole perception of it. Nabokov says about the the Russian translation of Lolita “Story of this translation is the story of a disappointment. Alas, that ‘wonderful Russian language’ which, I imagined, still awaits me somewhere, which blooms like a faithful spring behind the locked gate to which I, after so many years, still possess the key, turned out to be non-existent, and there is nothing beyond that gate, except for some burned out stumps and hopeless autumnal emptiness, and the key in my hand looks rather like a lock pick”. And unfortunately the author needs to translate his/her work into another issues because of the market interests….if the French is ” part of her identity” was it hard for to translate her own book into English? And how it’s differs from French version then? Does the French have the same value for people from Africa or in the first place is the language of the country?

For Kingué French is “the language I birth the words” and for me it created the atmosphere of Borges and Marquez magical realism. Also it reminds me the works of Zora Neal Hearston when her heroines were straggling the hard life and at the end they build their own society…

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