Late homework for the Thursday class.

1. What is your understanding of local and global adaptation?As far as I understood from the article the local adaptation is caused by problems of source text itself and limited to certain part of it (for instance, it might be factors like cross-code breakdown or  situational inadequacy). And a global adaptation is determined by factors outside the source text, usually it takes more wide-ranging revision.

To what extent do the forms of adaptation reflect Berman’s deforming tendencies? I think here it’s possible to say that rationalization and clarification  are very close to global adaptation, cause using these two tendencies you are not only translate the text, but also adopt it for the reader…

2. Identify the ST and TT in the movie?How are they related?  Charlie Kaufman is writing a script for the book so basically the language is English but he’s adopting the style of the book (making it shorter and put it in the “frame” of movie time). And at the end we have a script based on his own experience of reading the book.

3. Consider your own choice of adaptation.

Well, my favorite book is The Lord of the Rings and I think Peter Jackson has done an amazing movie, his team worked well with the script, still they lost a lot parts from the book….but they combine parts really good, so you don’t feel missing something. I think the this is local adaptation. Another example is brothers Grimm’s fairy tails: in the real version they are really dark and the main character sometimes dies, but in children’s version it’s always happy end and good guys always win. I think here we can talk about global adaptation.



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