Venuti, Retranslations

Retranslations “confront anew and more urgently the translator’s ethical responsibility to prevent the translating language and culture from effacing the linguistic and cultural differences of the source text” (p. 16). Retranslations offer new interpretations and reflect the current culture. How then does the “invisibility of the translator” that we discussed earlier differ between translations and retranslations- is it the same or different, how so?

Further the reader would react differently to a translation versus retranslation depending on their knowledge and previous experiences/culture. Texts are retranslated for many different reasons such as for greater accuracy or to capitalize on the marketability of the source text. How does this affect the “afterlife” of the text, as we discussed last class.

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My name is Rachael Wachter and I am a sophomore neuroscience major. I am interested in translation studies because I want to learn how the brain and our behavior is affected by differences in language and culture.

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