In his work Schleiermacher raises many things. So for me the most important are the next parts of the work.

Schleiermacher talks about that the translation is a result of the culture where you grew up, so what if you’re bilingual and you have 2cultures background?

He also says that there are 2 ways of translation: foreignazition and domestication. But how it works on practice and does the translator realize that he uses these components? Are these 2 components work together or we should think about them separate?

Using the paraphrase and imitation we creat a new text or we simply translate the text? What is the right way to translate the realities of another society?

Then he mentions the significant of the translator’s presence in the text, so my question is do we really need to feel the translators presence, the “second voice” in the text? If yes, then it’s going to be something different. In my opinion, translator is a “bridge” between reader and author, he brigs the author to the reader and helps him to understand the text.


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