Steiner chapter 5

To tell the truth, this chapter I liked more, because here he talks more concrete and I mostly agree with him. He starts with a concept of trust, but didn’t get what he means by this.

I agree when he says that “translator must gamble on the coherence, on the symbolic plenitude of the world”. You can’t avoid it. Another thing is “naturalisation” – ” no language, no traditional symbolic set or cultural ensemble imports without risk of being transformed”. But it’s a tricky thing, because sometimes it depends on the text, reader preferences and you don’t need to tar for the target text, so be careful.

Also he’s saying about important problem “mirror”: when you translate and meantime you’re “drawning” the original text. So here comes one more idea of both books (translation and target) must balance. Its the the main thing I found for myself very interesting in the chapter, and only one question: what is the concept of trust here?

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