Chapter 4

In the chapter 4 Steiner speaks about lots of things: development of translation theories, true translation, problems of translation from on language to another, pro et contra of translation. As for me the chapter was quite hard to understand but the language is amazing. While reading it I start to ask several questions to myself:

  • Why he has only 4 periods of translation history, because it’s around 2000 years of people communication, it’s a huge time, why only 4?
  • The most important question for me is how can we translate without any losses of the meaning in the target language? I think it’s impossible to avoid any losses. And here we have 2 problems: translate “meaning” or “style”?
  • What is true translation? Does the translator have a certain principle or methods of translations or he’s doing it just how he “feels”? how do we translate, what process we have in our brain at that moment?
  • Another important question for me and probably for many authors in this field is the translation a new work, creativity or it’s simply translated book? I believe it’s something new.
  • And the last but not the least is why people start translating, how it became a global “movement”?

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